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Bilingual Literacy-Based Programming with Amy Olson

Breaking through Cultural Barriers: Using Latin American Folktales in Literacy and Library Programming May 26, 2010

Folktales are a fantastic programming tool to promote cultural awareness, diversity, normalization, and compassion in both classroom and library settings.  This chapter emphasizes significant Latin American folklore and the influential power of storytelling while also providing concrete examples of simple ways for children’s, youth, and school librarians to incorporate folktales into bilingual programs and lesson plans for both Latino[1] and non-Latino children.

Folktales reflect people past and present. They answer the who, what, where, when, why, and how of a peoples’ cultural origins, traits, composition, belief systems, etc.  Folktales are the tales, games, superstitions, proverbs/dichos, riddles and songs of a culture.  They are tools of instruction, collections of wisdom, and core values that are passed down from generation to generation. Simple yet picturesque, folktales convey traditions, medicinal cures, customs, myths, values, and important stories passed down from generation to generation. (more…)